We meet every two weeks in Cleveland and Columbus

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Rationality Dojo is not currently open to the public, but we're happy to invite
people who are passionate about critical-thinking, cognitive bias, and rationality.

What is rationality?

Rationality is improving the systems of thought. This means: learning new ways to think about things, reducing bias, increasing willpower, and more.

Why a dojo?

We are not (primarily) a social group or a dicussion group. We are a place where people go to practice. Our motto is "Tsuyoku Naritai!", or "I will become stronger!"

Why invite-only?

Rationality Dojo is very new. At this stage we're looking more to solidify our practice than in growing. Adding new members has a cost, and we want to be deliberate about paying it.

Our inspiration and/or partners


The central inspiration for Rationality Dojo, LessWrong is a massive rationality resource as well as a discussion forum and a central hub for almost a hundred meetup groups all around the world.


The Center for Applied Rationality is perhaps the largest and most authoritative organization for the kind of rationality we practice at the dojo.

Intentional Insights

Intentional Insights is a rationality-outreach organization centered in Columbus. Their materials and presentations are intended to promote rationality in the general populace.

Columbus Rationality

If you're interested in something bigger and more public, Columbus Rationality may be for you. CR is, in large-part, the parent group for Rationality Dojo, and you're likely to see some of our members there. Find a listing of upcoming CR meetups on meetup.com.

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